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Still Game

"A demo came through someone's letterbox, seemingly, and the producer loved it"
Catherine Grimes, BBC TV

"It's complete and utter rubbish"
Noel Gallagher, Oasis



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In 2001 the Cuban Boys were approached by the BBC with a request for them to use 'Cuban Boy' as the theme tune for a new Scottish TV comedy series called 'Still Game'. Naturally, the Cuban Boys were only to happy to oblige, and since then the TV show has gone on to become a cult favourite, now in its 5th Series and beamed across the national tv network on BBC TWO.

The history of the track 'Cuban Boy' is quite interesting, as it was actually the track which was responsible for the formation of the Cuban Boys. By complete chance, one day in 1998 Ricardo included a very early demo version of an old song which sampled the Frank Chacksfield track 'Cuban Boy' on a minidisc which he sent to Skreen when they were working together on some possible music for a film project. When Skreen heard 'Cuban Boy' he felt it had great potential and inspired by his reaction, on 25 June 1998, Ricardo remixed the track into a beaty version which the boys decided to send to John Peel. Quite matter-of-factly, Skreen and Ricardo agreed to form a musical partnership for this and without too much thought labelled the demo as being by 'Frank Chacksfield & The Cuban Boys'. The promo cdr which included the new version, now titled 'Cuban Boy (Cuban Boys Go Boom! '98), plus the original verison and an oddball remix by Skreen, were lovingly posted to John Peel.

In the meantime, Skreen and Ricardo set about taking over the media. Realising that teletext was a much underused media, they wrote a batch of letters and emails to the BBC and Channel 4 either celebrating this mysterious song, or berating it’s makers. Within a week, they had also lit the touch paper of the internet by suggesting Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller were behind 'Cuban Boy'. The rumour swamped the web, Noel even went on MTV to deny it, and within another week a large proportion of the nation was discussing this madcap, enigmatic, and largely unheard song.

Stephen Eastwood, teletext journalist and top bloke, gave the band - now named the Cuban Boys - an eight page feature on national Channel 4 teletext, just two weeks after they’d formed. The same day, John Peel played “Cuban Boy” on Radio 1. Another amazing feat of conjuncture.
Blueprint For Modernisation
Much happened in the months after this initial play of 'Cuban Boy' and the Cuban Boys profile changed from unknown to one of the most-loved bands on the John Peel Show. 'Cuban Boy' was released by ORG Records in 1999 on 'The Blueprint For Modernisation EP' and apparently this is where the Producer of Still Game heard it and loved it so much that it ended up as the theme tune to Still Game.