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Here are your instructions:
Download 'The Nation Needs You'.
Burn it.
Store it.
Enjoy it, even.
Then, at 12 noon precisely on the 13th October, play it.
Hopefully, everybody else will too.
And it'll be magic.

The Cuban Boys "Play It For Peelie" - we will get every single person in the country to play the same song simultaneously at 12 noon on John Peel Day (13th October, 2005). If you want to learn how to be a part of this ambitious event, skip the tedious biography bit we wrote to point out we were players once, and jump a couple of paragraphs down.

CUBAN BOYS: A brief recap
One of the oddest success stories to come out of John Peel's Radio 1 show in the late 1990s was that of sampling boffins the Cuban Boys. Their mental, lo-fi cut-ups of film samples, 70s disco and happy hardcore were a permanent fixture of the Peel Show from 1998 to 2001. They recorded several Peel Sessions, and their song 'Oh My God! They Killed Kenny' made number 6 on the Festive 50 before any copies had reached the shops.

In the Spring of 1999, Peelie played 'The Hamsterdance Song', a bootleg mash-up that the band sent to John to amuse him. He predicted it would be "the most irritating hit of the year", and true to form at Christmas the song was released by EMI and took mainstream radio and the singles chart by storm. It outperformed Steps and S Club 7 to sell nearly a million copies and reach number 4 on the charts during Christmas week. More importantly, it was number 1 on the 1999 Festive 50, and became the last record John Peel played in the 20th Century. Most of the tabloid coverage at the time delighted in telling the readers that this absurd novelty record was all thanks to the most idiosyncratic DJ on Radio 1.

The Cuban Boys enigmatically drifted into the ether after this, but reformed this summer to specifically pay tribute to John with the song 'The Nation Needs You'. A mix of famous samples of Peelie, melded to Status Quo's 'Down Down' (a favourite of John's whenever he gigged), it's been downloaded and played almost daily ever since on Phill Jupitus' 6Music breakfast show. Andy Kershaw, John Kennedy, Rob da Bank and many, many others have also endorsed the song with airplay.

On John Peel Day, the Cuban Boys will not be gigging, or even appearing anywhere in public. They would like to pay tribute to John by leading the nation in a blast of pop.
They want every single person in the country to play 'The Nation Needs You' at 12 noon on the 13th October.
Every iPod, every PC, every car stereo, every sub woofer will be playing the song, loudly and slightly out of synch, and this will hopefully give the cacophonous riot of noise that the Cuban Boys crave.

Would you like to Play It For Peelie??

For further information about 'The Nation Needs You' carry on reading below.......


The Cuban Boys return after a few years of dormancy with a new track called 'THE NATION NEEDS YOU' - a special tribute to their friend and longterm champion, the legendary DJ John Peel, who died in 2004.

In 1998, John Peel gave the band their first ever radio exposure and through his continued love and support, the Cuban Boys somehow managed the unique achievement of being voted Number One in the Festive 50 whilst also battling with the likes of Westlife, Sir Cliff Richard and John Lennon in the UK Charts.

Being keenly aware of John Peel's appreciation of STATUS QUO's 'DOWN DOWN' as a tried and trusted floorfiller, the Cuban Boys have married it with some poignant samples of the great man himself to create 'The Nation Needs You'. As you would expect, it is an absurd clash of styles which teeters between chaos and insanity.

As the Cuban Boys explain 'We tried to capture the spirit of a John Peel Show within a three minute romp - 'The Nation Needs You' is just our way of saying thank you to a great friend, and we hope it will also work as lasting memory for some of his regular listeners'.

The Cuban Boys hope John Peel would have approved.

"I like stupid records, really. I just like things that are unfashionable - so I really like happy hardcore, cos everyone thinks it's incredibly uncool, especially dance people. There was that song, Identify the Beat, by Mark Smith, on Bonkerz records, which was so uncool, and just stupid, but fantastically exciting. It's nice to be able to segue that into a Gene Vincent record or something from my childhood. I quite like the tasteless segue. On the rare occasions when I do gigs, I can't mix, cos you can't mix from drum'n'bass to Duane Eddy. I like it when you get audiences standing there thinking - what the f*** is this? So when you get a room full of people - like I did in Fabric - and you play Status Quo. They think, for God's sake, but then they go for it. Down Down is always good."
- John Peel, 1999


Here it is -

'The Nation Needs You' has been lovingly crafted into two versions for you, the first is a theoretical 7" mix and the other is a meteorological 12" dance mix. Two other versions also exist, but these have not been included for the sake of incompleteness.

>> Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You mp3

>> Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You (Extended Mix) mp3


"Listening to your track has just made the world right again" - Louise, John Peel's Producer

"The listeners are loving it, as am I..." - Phill Jupitus, BBC 6Music

"What a joy to hear Peelie's wonderful voice once more, fused with the fantastic Status Quo and tongue firmly in cheek. John would have approved and will be tapping his foot in heaven" - JK

"Congratulations on 'The Nation Needs You'. I wept when I heard it this week on Onemusic, a fine tribute to the great man. His spirit lives on" - Keith

"Fantastic. The track brought back fond memories, made me laugh and put a hugh smile on my
face for the rest of the day. A fitting tribute to the great man" - Mark

"Great!!!" - DJ Marcelle van Hoof, Another Nice Mess

"Good to hear from you lot tune...Number one soon!" - Ian, Damaged Goods

"Just seen your peel tribute site and downloaded the song... bloody brilliant!" - Jan, Bearsuit

"Just heard your Peel tribute on 6music and immediately downloaded it from your site. Thanks for doing that. It's great." - Steve

"You are weird fuckers, thank god for that." - Shane, Unpeeled

"I really like The Nation Needs You." - Pooka

"I think it's great! Funny and sad at the same time. There can surely be no doubt that Peel would have loved it. You've used some wonderful Peel samples - especially the end one." - Listen With Sarah

"I love the extended mix of The Nation Needs You. It's great to hear the master rant about stylus problems again!" - Andrew B

"I loved JP and thought he was a God. Your tribute is the bizz and now I have it on continuous look, going to search out more of your stuff. Thanks to 6 music for playing it." - Enrico J

"The Nation Needs You is absolutely fantastic. Rocks my fat one...." - Jack


Read the full BBC Radio 1 interview with John Peel talking about 'Down Down'.

The Nation Needs You (Orig Mix) mp3 Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You (extended mix).mp3