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Credit Crunch. Downturn.

Those all too common buzzwords to pull our beloved country down the lane towards another Great Depression. But all is not doom and gloom.

The Cuban Boys, having sensed that the public needs a little pick-me-up, have dusted-down and spruced-up a classic campaign ditty from the archives and made it their new single.

Assisted by a sparkling performance from a national treasure, Mr Bruce Forsyth CBE,
I’M BACKING BRITAIN is set to remind everyone of the British fighting spirit and our unique ability to laugh in the face of adversity.

This is not flag-waving nationalism but tea-sipping eccentricity.


"I'm Backing Britain" was a patriotic campaign from the late 1960s which started spontaneously when five Surbiton secretaries volunteered to work extra hours without pay in order to boost their company's productivity during a period of economic downturn. The secretaries urged others to follow their example to help Britain overcome the troubled times.

The campaign received popular support from the British public, becoming a nationwide movement within a week.

The Union Flag was adopted as the visible manifestation of the campaign - being used in a variety of ways including badges, shopping bags and even as a "I'm Backing Britain" postal franking mark which featured on 84 million letters during that period.

In 1968, to add support to the campaign, a song called "I'm Backing Britain" was written and released as a 45rpm single with Bruce Forsyth providing the lead locals. All parties involved in making the record took a cut in their fees or royalties so that the single could be sold at a discounted price.


I’M BACKING BRITAIN is the band's second single of 2009 and is released through their own House of Beauty label.

Release Date: Summer 2009

Available from the online store