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01 Swedish Rhapsody
02 The Nation Needs You
03 Claudine Is Blue
04 The Vinyl Countdown
05 Sorry!
06 Cuban Boy
07 W(w)-I-A*f-™
08 Summer Song
09 Spooky!
10 The Penthouse Messiahs
11 A Distant Signal Of Hope Fades Away

Hidden Bonus Tracks:
12 Strictly Cuban

13 L-O-V-E
14 Brigitte (Parts 1 & 2)
15 Claudine Is Blue (Variations On A Theme)

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'The Satellite Junkyard' is in effect a single 45 minute piece, to be listened to from start to finish. However, the ever-flexible Cuban Boys have extracted the 11 main musical sections from the album to create 'Decoded'.

The full length 'Satellite Junkyard' contains an extra three or four minutes of linking material, musical sounds and exclusive content - but 'Decoded' allows you to dip in to the tracks separately without having to set aside 45 minutes of your day. There are then four bonus hidden tracks exclusive to this download - three songs that you may have heard in brief snippets, and a long version of 'Claudine Is Blue'.